Saturday, February 9, 2008

Politics and the Economy

Today, DollarBuilder will begin polling on politics and the economy. We will conduct a series of polls concerning the presidential candidates and the economy. First up it's donkeys and dollars vs. elephants and the economy.

The race for the Democratic nomination is heating up, with Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton neck and neck in delegate counts and the national polls. On the Republican side, Senator John McCain is leading in delegate counts and Governor Mike Huckabee and Representative Ron Paul are still contending.

The question for today is: Which presidential candidate would be best for our economy? Why?

Feel free to sound off in the comments section and to vote in DollarBuilder's presidential poll to the right and down below! The two candidates receiving the most votes in this poll will compete in a runoff next week, where the winner will be selected by you.


Anonymous said...

Huckabee has the fair tax on his side. Imagine a world without the IRS! Untaxing business will allow the small business owner to get started and bring back some of that 7 trillion dollars parked offshore. I love America, and I love Mike Huckabee!

Anonymous said...

hillary is as bad as they come when we're talkin' dollars. tax and spend!

Anonymous said...

If we scaled back our bases overseas and shrank government we could get rid of the IRS, we could also close the borders and protect ourselves much better while promoting trade all over the world. This Ron Paul's plan and has been for many many years. Ron Paul has written many books on the subject and is more qualified than anyone running on either side. He is also the only honest candidate with a voting record to prove it. Please have faith and send some votes his way for the good of the country.

Tannim said...

Huckabee's "Fair tax" would be 23% and not get rid of the IRS, just turn it into something else, mainly a goon squad to sic on businesses instead of people. That's just as bad as what we have now.

Me, I prefer Dr. Paul's plan, which is to kill the IRS completely and then cut federal spending by at least 40% across the board to compensate. That also means a 20-30% pay raise every check, which is one helluva economic stimulus, not that one-shot garbage that Bush is promoting.